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If a message feels important enough for video, it’s likely because you want to move the audience to action — to invite potential investors to take a stake in your company, to encourage current employees to embrace a new initiative, or maybe to attract prospective employees to bring their talents to your organization.

Your video can help you inspire your tribe — the people you want to influence — to take action. But if you want them to do more than listen, your audience needs to feel an authentic connection with you.

Vern Oakley offers strategies that can help readers relax and be their best authentic self in front of the camera. The return on investment from practicing the techniques will be in the form of stronger connections with their desired audience, as well as a heightened respect, prestige, brand image, and longer-lasting legacy for their organization.

Leadership in Focus is a comprehensive, entertaining guide for leaders who realize that it’s not just what you say on camera that’s important, it’s how you say it. Whether you are a CEO, middle manager, or budding entrepreneur making YouTube videos to influence your tribe, this book will help you rally others around your message.

Chapter 4:
The Sacred Space

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Praise for Leadership in Focus

“It’s easy to feel phony and powerless when the red light goes on. Vern Oakley’s book “Leadership in Focus” translates the art and science of authenticity and helps the reader understand how to maintain that connection when the camera starts to roll – a compelling, readable and actionable book.”

– Amy Cuddy, Author, Presence; Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

“Vern shows you how to develop, deliver, and distribute your stories for maximum impact and business growth, and he does it in an engaging and approachable style. I wish I had this guide when I started creating my own videos a decade ago.”

-David Meerman Scott, best-selling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, now in 29 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese

“Vern’s timely approach will make effective performers out of even the most reluctant and camera-shy among us.”

– Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, business educator and New York Times-bestselling author, ranked the number one leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50

“Leadership in Focus is required reading for current and future CEOs, CCOs, and all aspiring leaders!”

– Paul Bisaro, former CEO of Allergan

“Oakley shows us what works and what doesn’t, and in so doing, he provides us with new insights and valuable learning for all leaders.”

– Daniel Weiss, president of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“No matter how experienced you are, facing a camera can be hard. Vern Oakley makes it easy. He reminds us that communication is about honesty and passion, advice that’s worth following even after the shoot is over.”

– Michael Bierut, partner at Pentagram Design

“Vern Oakley has raised the bar on corporate storytelling. His work connects with people in ways that build knowledge, belief, and a human (albeit virtual) relationship. In a world where trust is an increasingly rare commodity, this is an essential guide.”

– Lorrie Hecker, director of global communications at Hess Corporation

“Reading Leadership in Focus rapidly prepares for their video shoot executives who want to make more authentic and compelling videos to connect with their organizations. The book answers questions you won’t think of until after too many unsatisfactory takes. A small effort for a big ROI.”

– Vince Forlenza, CEO of BD

“Before you put your boss in front of the camera, put this treasure of a book in his hands.”

– Blair Enns, author of The Win without Pitching Manifesto

Leadership in Focus is a master class in the art of effectively communicating on camera—engaging, informative, and filled with teachable moments that illustrate what to do, what to avoid, and how to become a ‘suit with a soul.’

– Peter Liguori, CEO of Tribune Media