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If a message feels important enough for video, it’s likely because you want to move the audience to action — to invite potential investors to take a stake in your company, to encourage current employees to embrace a new initiative, or maybe to attract prospective employees to bring their talents to your organization.

Your video can help you inspire your tribe — the people you want to influence — to take action. But if you want them to do more than listen, your audience needs to feel an authentic connection with you.

Vern Oakley offers strategies that can help readers relax and be their best authentic self in front of the camera. The return on investment from practicing the techniques will be in the form of stronger connections with their desired audience, as well as a heightened respect, prestige, brand image, and longer-lasting legacy for their organization.

Leadership in Focus is a comprehensive, entertaining guide for leaders who realize that it’s not just what you say on camera that’s important, it’s how you say it. Whether you are a CEO, middle manager, or budding entrepreneur making YouTube videos to influence your tribe, this book will help you rally others around your message.

Chapter 4:
The Sacred Space

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