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Leveraging the Power of Video to Build a High-Performance Culture

Video is the fastest growing content medium. Every communication professional needs to understand how to harness the power of video to reach audiences, build brands, and enhance organizational performance.

Veteran Filmmaker, Corporate Storyteller, and Communications Thought Leader Vern Oakley will speak to your organization on how to use the power of video to share your vision, create human connection, and enrich all of your stakeholders. Topic include:

The Power of Video
Why is video the most powerful communication medium of our time? How can we harness that power to persuade our audiences to think, feel, and act?

The Five STORY Principles
The power of video relies on the power of storytelling. How can we make sure the stories we are telling are meaningful and effective? Vern walks you through his field-tested process.

Building Trust with Video
In an online, distributed world, maintaining the connection of audience/viewer trust has never been more important – or more difficult. Vern shows you how to use video to communicate authenticity, build trust, and forge a deep and lasting bond with your audience.

Improving On-Camera Communication
Vern shares key principles from his book, Leadership in Focus: Bringing Out Your Best On-Camera – the same principles that he has leveraged to improve the on-camera performance of more than 20 Fortune 500 CEO’s.

Special Topics
Vern shares his deep experience in solving specific corporate communications challenges, including:

  • Values & Culture
  • Branding
  • Human Resources
  • Fundraising
  • CEO Messaging
  • M&A
  • Change Management
  • New Technologies and Virtual Reality